Huang Pottery


My name is Christine and I'm the maker behind Huang Pottery. I started taking wheelthrowing classes at a local community studio in 2019, but ceramics has always been a quiet component of my life.

I grew up surrounded by my mom's extensive teaware collection and I admired the beautiful teapots and teacups she collected. I was fond of certain pieces and had a favorite bowl for soups, a different one for rice, and an even bigger one for making instant ramen in. I'd look for the same 3 mugs in the cabinet out of habit. The gentle clink of the rice bowls as we set the table for meals. A teapot and teacups always ready to use for afternoon tea and fruit. Their shape and weight felt good and right in my hands, and I loved their designs.

Ceramic pieces become part of our daily rituals and I hope my pottery can turn something as ordinary as getting a cup of coffee into something, maybe not extraordinary, but at least a bit more beautiful.

Some people might say it's just a bowl or it's just a cup, and I agree. It is just a bowl or a cup, but the way you feel about it is what makes it different. I endeavor to make pieces you insist on using, for one reason or another. Because you love the color, the shape, or the feel of it in your hands.

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